Imus Seal® Butyl Joist Tape

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Imus Seal Butyl Joist Tape is a self-adhering flashing tape for joists and beams designed to protect wooden deck structures from water damage and rot.

  • Diverts Water from Joists and Beams
  • Seals Decking Screws
  • Provides a Barrier Between Metal and Wood
  • Protects Treated and Non-Treated Lumber

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Size: 1-5/8” x 50’ 2 Rolls Non-Skid
Structural deck rot

Want to prevent deck rot?

Modern deck in the woods with Imus Seal Butyl Joist Tape

Protect your deck structure™ with Imus Seal® Butyl Joist Tape.

Imus Seal box packing

Imus Seal Butyl Joist Tape is the premium joist tape trusted by building professionals, homeowners, and DIYers to help extend the life of deck structures.

All deck structures, new or old, are susceptible to water damage and rot, particularly in decking fastener locations or where debris collects between the deck boards. Joist tape is an essential component of a well-built deck, and these are some of the reasons why many choose Imus Seal Butyl Joist Tape:

  • Thousands of decks protected!
  • Hundreds of product reviews - more than any other deck joist tape!
  • Years of experience in the deck building industry!
  • Manufactured in the USA; carefully packaged and distributed throughout North America in small batches to ensure the highest quality!
Water on deck joist tape

Diverts Water from Joists and Beams

High strength 8 mil polypropylene facer

  • Black lightly textured Non-Skid surface allows for sliding wood over it with ease while keeping you sure-footed when walking
  • Tear-resistant and durable
  • Flexible to form around fasteners and corners
  • UV resistant
  • Available in 1-5/8”, 4", and 6" widths for covering the top of joists and beams while allowing the sides to breathe
Deck substructure framing with Imus Seal Butyl Joist Tape

Seals Decking Screws

High performance 12 mil advanced butyl adhesive

  • Pressure-sensitive butyl waterproof membrane
  • Self-seals around nail and fastener penetrations to prevent water intrusion
  • Excellent low and high temperature flexibility and adhesion
  • Contains no asphalt or VOCs
  • Less gummy, more consistent, super sticky!
Imus Seal Butyl Joist Tape used as barrier between metal joist hangers and pressure treated wood

Provides a Barrier Between Metal and Wood

Corrosive chemicals like alkaline copper quaternary (ACQ) and copper azole (CA), commonly used in pressure-treated wood, can corrode steel joist hangers and other metal hardware. Installing Imus Seal Butyl Joist Tape between metal and wood creates a barrier to prevent contact.

Deck construction with Imus Seal Butyl Joist Tape on the deck substructure

Protects Treated and Non-Treated Lumber

Compatible with deck materials including pressure-treated wood and composite products.


Version: Non-Skid
Size: 1-5/8” x 50’ Roll 4” x 50’ Roll 6” x 50’ Roll
Imus Seal Butyl Joist Tape Non-Skid 1-5/8 inch Imus Seal Butyl Joist Tape Non-Skid 4 inch Imus Seal Butyl Joist Tape Non-Skid 6 inch
UPC: 850014028046 850014028053 850014028060
Width: 1 5/8 in. 4 in. 6 in.
Length: 50 ft.
Thickness: 0.02 in.
Weight: 0.9 lbs. 1.9 lbs. 2.7 lbs.
Composition: High performance 12 mil butyl adhesive coated to a durable non-slip black facer
20° F to 150° F
Made in the U.S.A. 🇺🇸
Imus Seal Butyl Joist Tape installation on deck structure


Apply Imus Seal Butyl Joist Tape to a clean, dry surface in three simple steps:

1. Peel

2. Stick

3. Cut to length

Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
Awesome Product

I ordered 16 rolls of this for a 24’x30’ deck that I was building. Immediately upon opening the rolls I was impressed by the quality of the materials. Yes it’s a bit expensive, but you get what you pay for and it’s cheap compared to the replacement cost of a deck. The top of the tape is very durable, the bottom is insanely sticky and will adhere to anything it comes in contact with- so be careful and don’t place it anywhere you don’t want it to stay for good. I placed the tape down and then didn’t get back to the project for 3 weeks- the tape didn’t peel off at all and didn’t fade in the sun. It’s a great product and I will be ordering more for my next product.

Becky C
Amazing tape to give you peace of mind

While in the process of a routine touch up on our second story balconies the contractor discovered that all of our 4x10 beams that came out of our ceiling of our home were rotted to some degree . this scared us to death bc we didn’t want to redo everything so we got 2nd, 3rd and 4th opinions and the damage was superficial but did need a rebuild around the beams so i made sure we did whatever we could to help protect all the beams from future water damage. I researched all different types of tape as it’s sold on amazon and at the big box stores and got to understand the difference materials for the tape and the sticky part and Imus’ tape is polyurethane and the sticky stuff is butyl which is the highest quality and easiest to use AND since we went with high end Timber Tech Azek composite (pvc) floor boards it was important that the tape and the butyl would not damage the boards which it does not. so i am thrilled we went with Imus and didn’t go cheap. for a few bucks more you get easy to work with tape that doesn’t piss off the contractors and you’ll have peace if mind. and they had different widths which we bought one of which bc we had sisterboards. plus when i texted the company for tech support they responded immediately. love this tape.

Mark S.

Great product. Do yourself a favor, don't build a deck without Imus products.

Greg Smith

The joist tape exceeded my expectations. It was easy to apply. It even stuck to damp wood. This tape really made the deck sound solid when walking on it. Will use this on all future deck projects.

Don White

I’m using this tape as I replace deteriorated deck boards on my 25-year old cedar deck. Prior to Imus Seal I’d used the silver window seal tape, but A. Because of its width, wasted a lot of tape on the 2 by joists , and B. The silver was visible and unattractive to see through the gaps in the deck boards. Imus Seal is exactly the right width and is basically invisible between the boards. It’s also very easy to apply.

Darrell Willhite

Imus Seal

Craig Jester
2000 Square Foot Deck Resurface with Trex using Imus Seal

The project involved resurfacing a 2000 square foot deck adjacent to and surrounding a pool. The deck was over 30 years old and had been built in stages, none to code. After removing the cedar planking some joists and all of the posts needed replacing. One comcern was that the joist tops were compromised from removing nails and screws with the old decking. We knew joist tape was the answer and tried three vendors before deciding on Imus. Quite simply it stuck like bubble gum, the backing came off effortlessly, and the price and service were excellent. As a note, the cedar planking is being planed, stained, and reused as the fascia for the project. Pictures include two fox pups that were quite interested in our project. I'll add a picture or two when completed.

Great joist tape for deck projects

While researching DIY deck construction methods it became clear that adding a joist tape would prolong the life of the substructure. Imus Seal is an easy to use product that fits with the perfect amount of overlap on the joist.

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